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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The first Starbucks in Seattle, USA

   <Original Starbucks>
   Address: 1912 Pike St, Corner with 1st Avenue, Seattle, WA
   Phone Number: 2064488762

[You can zoom in and out]

    Do you like Starbucks coffee?
    Then, I strongly recommend you visit the first Starbucks in Seattle. :)

    The logo of Starbucks here is unique, brown color as blow

    We had a chance to visit original Starbucks when we traveled around America in 2011.
    It located near the waterfront in Seattle’s Pike Place Market.

    Michelle told me at Starbucks[Red spot] near to Pike Place Market

   "Is this the first Starbucks? I cannot believe it"

    We were disappointed
    and decided to have coffee at "Seattle's best coffee" instead of Starbucks[Red spot]
    but we found original Starbucks(Purple spot) by chance. :)

    They don't have a different menu, but they have exclusive merchandise like mugs and tumblers.
    We bought 2 tumblers which are covered by soft silicon.
    [ I have never used my tumblers since I bought because it is too lovely to use]


    When I went I probably waited about 10 minutes to pay because of such a tourist trap
    but it was fun to watch people, and merchandise

    The staff was very friendly.


<We love Caramel Macchiato of Starbucks>

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