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Friday, May 20, 2016

Place to visit in Washington D.C. : Lincoln Memorial

The book 
   '1001 natural wonders you must see before you die'
 inspired me to start to plan my long family trip to the states.


 For several months  I had been working on making the lists where I should pay a visit during the trip. It was fun to make a plan but exhausting process because I had to check everything from seasonal schedule changes of each national pars, suitable  accommodations, restaurants, hospital locations, and so on.

Anyway,  Washington D.C. was our final destination for us, where my sister's-in-law's place locates. When I arrived to Washington D.C. in late fall 2011,  Lincoln memorial was one of my first stops on my lists. 

* We changed clothes to suit seasonal changes. Weather in DC was quite cold, so we needed to change our clothing for winter. As you know, the weatehr is quite difference from the West. The photo in this post shows the weather when we started going sightseeing there. :)

Lincoln memorial is best known for Lincoln statue (I am not sure it called "statue" in English), Respecting pool, etc.  The statue looked as magnificent as the exterior of the memorial !!!

 I could feel how Americans respect him, and his achievement for the people even though I couldn't understand fully from his speeches on the walls.

Unfortunately, Lincoln memorial reflecting pool was under construction but it was pretty nice to be at the same spot where Tom Hanks was in the movie , "Forrest Gump"

I could spend days there if I understand American history or his achievement and would respect him as not just one of american greatest president but one of the greatest person who lived for the people.

        In next post let me introduce some photos to inspire you to visit Lincoln memorial. :)

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