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Monday, December 19, 2016

Best Udon in Honolulu, Hawaii (Marukame Udon)


  Spam musubi, McMorning, Fresh salad 
  were our favorite for breakfast in Hawaii, 
  but the best was the udon in Marukame Udon

  I would like to say thanks to YELP App for suggesting this lovely restaurant 
  which was very near to our Hotel at that time.

  Marukame Udon

  I am curious about what their price range is now 
  and the taste in 2011. 

  Huge line ups all the time whenever we went to 
  but they move very quickly.

  If you do not like long line ups, go early to avoid it

  - Way to eat in Marukame -

  First, pick an udon
  Second, pick fried dishes
  Lastly, eat them all :)

   The noodles were hand made right in front of us.

    and we could add meats! or change the size! 

    It was a very fascinating to watch my udon and fried foods made in front of me, especially 



   Fried foods section

    They were all very delicious
   I will definitely go visit again next time our family are in Hawaii

   I still cannot believe that such lovely udon noodles are fresh and tasty. 
  * It is the secret of Marukame Udon that fast turnover ratio makes food fresher!!

   We went to Marukame Udon several times during the stay in Honolulu, 
  and always good food severed quickly!

  I should make a plan to go to Hawaii again 
  because Rachel, my daughter, loves to travel & eat a bowl of udon now.

   Thank you, noodle master!

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