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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Photos to inspire you to visit Lincoln memorial at night, Washington D.C.

Today I just would like to share some photos to inspire you to visit Lincoln memorial at night. 

 <United States Capitol is located near Lincoln memorial>

 <Washington Monument, photo taken near United States Capitol>

<Lincoln Statue in Lincoln memorial> 

 <Washington Monument, photo taken in the inside of Lincoln memorial>

 <Two speeches on the walls. On the south interior wall is inscribed the Gettysburg Address, on the north wall Lincoln’s second inaugural address>

 <The exterior of the Memorial is surrounded by the names of 36 states>

 <Images of the inside of Lincoln memorial>

 <American History>

 <I should have gone there before studying American history>

<Google map>

Friday, May 20, 2016

Place to visit in Washington D.C. : Lincoln Memorial

The book 
   '1001 natural wonders you must see before you die'
 inspired me to start to plan my long family trip to the states.


 For several months  I had been working on making the lists where I should pay a visit during the trip. It was fun to make a plan but exhausting process because I had to check everything from seasonal schedule changes of each national pars, suitable  accommodations, restaurants, hospital locations, and so on.

Anyway,  Washington D.C. was our final destination for us, where my sister's-in-law's place locates. When I arrived to Washington D.C. in late fall 2011,  Lincoln memorial was one of my first stops on my lists. 

* We changed clothes to suit seasonal changes. Weather in DC was quite cold, so we needed to change our clothing for winter. As you know, the weatehr is quite difference from the West. The photo in this post shows the weather when we started going sightseeing there. :)

Lincoln memorial is best known for Lincoln statue (I am not sure it called "statue" in English), Respecting pool, etc.  The statue looked as magnificent as the exterior of the memorial !!!

 I could feel how Americans respect him, and his achievement for the people even though I couldn't understand fully from his speeches on the walls.

Unfortunately, Lincoln memorial reflecting pool was under construction but it was pretty nice to be at the same spot where Tom Hanks was in the movie , "Forrest Gump"

I could spend days there if I understand American history or his achievement and would respect him as not just one of american greatest president but one of the greatest person who lived for the people.

        In next post let me introduce some photos to inspire you to visit Lincoln memorial. :)

Friday, May 13, 2016

What did I love to eat in San Diego : In-N-Out Burger

<Yoo Jae Suk : South Korean comedian, MC, show host>
 I cannot believe that it has already been 6 years when I visited "In-N-Out burger" first time in San Diego.

When I moved to San Diego from Seoul, my friends in the 
school highly recommended paying a visit to 'In-N-Out burger', and trying out 'Animal style'. 

                 'Say what?'  'Animal style?'

<Check-in history of me by Foursquare>
At that time, I did not know 'In-N-Out' burger would become one of my favorite in the states...Oh my god, that is 'the one in the world!!' 

A few months later,  I happily bought a car, Toyota Prius 2nd generation, I got many chances to stop by 'In-N-out'!

My favorite In-N-Out is located in Damon Ave

Only $3 for double-double burger, and soda for $1 !! 
Surprisingly they cut potatoes right before me!! What a fresh fries!    They should change the name "French fries" to "Fresh fries"


Cutting potatoes

I was not a person who scares new surrounding but there was a problem that I was not good at listening to speaking English as well as writing :)

A funny thing happened in the super busy In-N-Out in Damon.

I ordered 'Double-Double' for me, and "Cheese for my wife" and the clerk said "@#!$@# or $%@$?"

so I said "Cheese!", but again she said "@#!$@# or $%@$?",
and I answered again "Chee~~~se!!", but she asked with a smile "@#!$@# or $%@$?".......

My wife stopped me saying and answered instead of me. "For here!" I found out later from Michelle that she asked me 

"For here? or to go?"

Anyhow In-N-Out is my favorite burger so far, and let me show some pics of it as below. 

Look, so super YUMMY!!!!!!!

Animal Style Fries!!!

<In-N-Out recipe in my Evernote>
When I came back home in Korea, I was googling for the recipe of In-N-Out, saved it into my Evernote, and tried to make it several times :)

The recipes of In-N-Out is quite simple, but I can say 'Thousand Island-style dressing of the recipe' is the key to that taste like the original.

* Recipe :

Thursday, May 12, 2016

About Me

Thank you for your visit!!

Hi, my name is DONG KWAN, but everyone calls me Ryan 

I am a typical father who works hard for family and lives with passion. Looking at my daughter’s peaceful sleeping face every morning, I am asking a question to myself, “What should I do for a worthy and happy life?” I have spent every minute making my life enriched and colorful and I never regret what I have gone through so far.

I worked for S Electronics from 2006 to 2009 as an engineer in designing optical and circuit parts. I suddenly felt that I needed to refresh my mind and improve my skills to the next level even though the life at my work was quite settled and promised. That’s why I resigned the company and looked for new opportunities to learn and experience under the entirely different circumstances. 

Then my wife, Michelle, and I went to the 
states and we had stayed in San Diego, California for 2 years with studying, traveling and working.

In 2011, we were lucky to made it joyfully and safely from San Diego to Washington D.C in U.S.A. with little baby, Rachel
The 3 months American road trip was the best memory for our family. Memories are priceless, so I decided to start blogging for records, and making friends who can tell us of their wonderful trip experiences. 

"You are more than welcome to add any comments about the blog.

              * For me it takes quite long time to write a single sentence in English, so your feedback will be super helpful for my studying English.

"We want to learn something from you."

Lastly, I am highly looking forward to introducing you to my daughter, Rachel!

Thanks again!
from Seoul, Korea

For an even more in depth look into my life, please check the following link and send a friend request :) :