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Friday, May 13, 2016

What did I love to eat in San Diego : In-N-Out Burger

<Yoo Jae Suk : South Korean comedian, MC, show host>
 I cannot believe that it has already been 6 years when I visited "In-N-Out burger" first time in San Diego.

When I moved to San Diego from Seoul, my friends in the 
school highly recommended paying a visit to 'In-N-Out burger', and trying out 'Animal style'. 

                 'Say what?'  'Animal style?'

<Check-in history of me by Foursquare>
At that time, I did not know 'In-N-Out' burger would become one of my favorite in the states...Oh my god, that is 'the one in the world!!' 

A few months later,  I happily bought a car, Toyota Prius 2nd generation, I got many chances to stop by 'In-N-out'!

My favorite In-N-Out is located in Damon Ave

Only $3 for double-double burger, and soda for $1 !! 
Surprisingly they cut potatoes right before me!! What a fresh fries!    They should change the name "French fries" to "Fresh fries"


Cutting potatoes

I was not a person who scares new surrounding but there was a problem that I was not good at listening to speaking English as well as writing :)

A funny thing happened in the super busy In-N-Out in Damon.

I ordered 'Double-Double' for me, and "Cheese for my wife" and the clerk said "@#!$@# or $%@$?"

so I said "Cheese!", but again she said "@#!$@# or $%@$?",
and I answered again "Chee~~~se!!", but she asked with a smile "@#!$@# or $%@$?".......

My wife stopped me saying and answered instead of me. "For here!" I found out later from Michelle that she asked me 

"For here? or to go?"

Anyhow In-N-Out is my favorite burger so far, and let me show some pics of it as below. 

Look, so super YUMMY!!!!!!!

Animal Style Fries!!!

<In-N-Out recipe in my Evernote>
When I came back home in Korea, I was googling for the recipe of In-N-Out, saved it into my Evernote, and tried to make it several times :)

The recipes of In-N-Out is quite simple, but I can say 'Thousand Island-style dressing of the recipe' is the key to that taste like the original.

* Recipe :

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